Reconfortante como para variar

El comercial de la agencia Publicis Conseil en París, para Renault Mégane: “Catch me if you can”.

Acertada concepción estratégica y por lo demás, bien ejecutada por lo pronto.

Under a very competitive segment, where powerful car launches are numerous and powerful (Ford Focus, Golf 7, Peugeot 308), Renault launches its new Megane.

Renault and its agency Publicis Conseil, developed a 360° communication campaign, by focusing on two strong arguments, dealing with both the low consumption and the new design. It wears the dCi Energy 110 engine, with a 3,5L/100KM consumption rate, enabling a top 1700km range. In this way, Renault feeds its economical and ecological commitment. Besides, the new Megane has, from now on, the new Renault brand identity.

The ad creation needed to convey the new Megane’s advantages, namely pleasures and experiments, without any constraints. The agency came up with the following concept: « Nouvelle Renault Mégane. Pleasure Unlimited ». The film is a chase between a man and a woman. The woman is leading, driving the Renault Megane, while her boyfriend is trying to catch her, by using different types of vehicles, successively running out of gas. The claim is “New Renault Megane. 1700km on one tank. Why stop ? »

This Renault Megane campaign reveals a worldwide 360° communication plan: a TV spot, a making-of, two prints, an editorial section (booklets and product films), a CRM component and a digital part composed of innovative tools (augmented booklet and interactive video). Finally, each of the speakings is completed with a hashtag #NewMegane, to make the consumer converse on the social networks and in order to set the brand in a current digital process.

The first TV broadcast is scheduled for December, 30th in Germany and Nordics, then for January, 6th in France, and finally spreads over the 2014 year into about fifteen countries all over the world.


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